The Royal Wedding Day

Whilst the magnificent Royal Wedding ceremony was in progress we were busy creating the commemorative range of products celebrating this amazing occasion. From the moment photographs were being taken they were being made available to us so we could choose the iconic shots that featured throughout it. From creating the designs we quickly moved onto production and by mid afternoon were printing and packing goods ready for delivery to key sites the next day.

Sunday saw delivery to sites in and around Windsor with the goods being displayed in stores instantly. Just as quickly tourists and visitors to the area were attracted to the range and quickly made their purchases resulting in good flying out of doors. Film crews even got in on what was happening and broadcasts of our goods arriving into stores were made around the world. Be one of the first to be selling this range in your area. Our range is available now so call for more details or download our range information now.

As images were made available live from the wedding they were added to our product designs ready for manufacturing.

The Royal Wedding mug being manufactured.

A small selection of Royal Wedding products quickly displayed in store.

The Royal Wedding Range being filmed as it was being displayed in store.


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