Quick tips for digital photography

Your Camera

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged and have spares if possible
  • Delete any unwanted images from your memory card
  • Make sure the lens is clean
  • If possible change the settings on your camera so that the file sizes of the images taken are the largest possible. It will mean that you can fit fewer images on your memory card but they will be of better quality

Composing a picture

  • Steady yourself. Use a tripod or even a post to avoid camera wobble
  • Avoid un-sightly objects such a litter bins and telegraph wires in the image
  • Unless intentional try to avoid taken pictures directly into the sun
  • Avoid cutting off the tops of Chimneys or church spires, additionally peoples feet!
  • However, consider framing a picture with some tree foliage at the top or some flowering borders at the bottom of your frame

Downloading and Printing your picture

  • Once you have down loaded your images to your computer, if you intend to re-touch your photograph make sure you keep a copy of the original version. This will enable you to revert back to it if you are not happy with your creative handy work!
  • If printing your photo, make sure you use photographic quality paper.
  • Also check your printer settings and change these from ‘text’ setting to that of ‘best quality photo settings’