ZMUGX Slim Bone China Mug

ZMUGX Slim Bone China Mug

Minimum order quantity: 720 pieces
Size: 105mm high x 75mm open diameter

This mug is decorated full wrap as standard with a choice of print finishes.
Dishwasher proof uses a special colour range which is dishwasher safe whilst our non-dishwasher proof print is able to use a much wider and more vivid colour range but requires the mug to be hand washed. A non-dishwasher safe label is supplied underneath the base as standard if your require this option.
Please note that there is the option to add more design to this item for an extra charge to the areas of the handle, base underside and inside lip area the mug.


Please advise us if you require bar code labels, or any extra decoration to the mug other than that which is offered as standard. We can offer packaging options according to your wishes.
These will be quoted separately upon receiving your further advise.

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