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  • Produced at standard size 174mm x 118mm (series 171).

  • Printed on quality board with a gloss varnish finish.

  • Hand packed in cellophane bags of 10 envelopes and a single colour insert.

We can create an exclusive snow scene painting for your local view Christmas cards. Prices include all origination and production. We may already have painting of your town or village, call us for details or visit our image library to see some illustrated winter images:

The minimum order quantity is 125 packs of ten cards for a new design. The reproduction rights remain exclusive to you for 3 years each time you place an order.

It is possible for us to produce a short run for you of  20 packs of ten cards on our smaller series 15 (155mm x 108mm) size if we already have artwork of your town or location.

Call us now on 01424 420919 or email for more details.

Choose your layout style from those shown below


MIS00247 (A)


MIS00248 (B)


MIS00249 (C)


MIS00250 (D)


MIS00251 (E)


MIS00252 (F)


MIS00253 (G)

2012 - BESPOKE

MIS00254 (H)

2012 - BESPOKE

Short run foiled option

We can further enhance the appearance of your short run production by adding to it with one of our silver border designs. Quantities and packing details are as above.