Greeting Card Finishes

The standard finish to our cards is a litho varnish which is a mid gloss sealant.

Other finishes to enhance your card are available for an extra cost. Standard finish and options are shown below.


The standard finish to our cards is a litho varnish which is a mid gloss sealant.


Gloss UV Varnish

This is a high gloss lacquer that is applied to the card and then cured (dried) with UV light.


Matt or Gloss laminate.

This is a thin plastic film that is applied to the front of the card, to give either a gloss or matt finish.



Die Cutting

We can make a cutting tool to create a shaped finish to your card. With careful design we can create a 3D effect for the card.




Coloured foil is available in a spectrum of colours. Particularly popular are Gold, Silver or Red.




This is a process where glitter is applied to specific areas of the card to add sparkle to your design.




A tool is made so that when stamped against the card adds a 3D relief to the design.


Seed Jacket.

Why not finish your design with handmade wild flower seed paper jacket that can have a window cut to show your design behind. The handcrafted paper can be put in soil to grow a variety of wild flowers.


Other materials.

You can of course consider a wide range of textured or coloured material as an alternative to our standard greeting card board. Request a quote giving as much information about your request.