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Going Green


Our printing inks are made from vegetable oils.

The paper for our envelopes comes from well managed, sustainable and accredited sources.


All our waste printing board and cardboard are sent for recycling. 

Our whole factory and office suites are moving to low energy lights. 


Our heating system is being upgraded to high efficiency boilers. 

As all of our design and production happens under one roof there is no need for unnecessary transportation of stock.  

We're Going Green!

As a company we are very aware of our responsibility to do all we can to help in minimising our impact on the environment. "Going green" means that we are trying to pursue the knowledge and practices that will lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which will help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. We have already started to examine some of the materials we use and work to make changes in some of our production. The factory, as highlighted in our actions below, is also undergoing extensive changes. Our intention is to focus and achieve what we can in order to improve our working practises and encourage other businesses we work with to also follow this example. Its a big task and will be an ongoing one but we are always working towards a better future.

The board we use for our cards comes from sustainable and managed forests.

biodegradable bags


We're doing our best to introduce environmentally friendly products and components and our biodegradable card bags are our latest addition to our ever growing attempts to improve our green credentials.

Take a look at the fantastic greeting cards supplied with our new biodegradable bags by downloading them now.

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