10 things to consider for greeting card production

  1. Origination Material. Digital file, artwork or photograph.
  2. Shape. Square, Rectangular or die cut?
  3. Size. 9 standard sizes to choose from.
  4. Fold. Gate or Tent ie Side or top crease?
  5. Additional Finish. Enhance the design with foil, glitter, embossing or die cutting.
  6. Matching envelopes. Are the envelopes sized to snuggly take the cards.
  7. Packing options. Can the cards be supplied flat or folded, or packed with the envelopes in singles, 5’s or 10’s.
  8. Production quantities. Production quantities start at 100 units, but remember the more you have the cheaper the cards would be.
  9. Delivery options. Can the cards be delivered to multiple addresses on specific days
  10. Marketing. Where will the cards be sold?