Fundraising for Women’s Institutes

Personalised Calendars

We've compiled a short list of key points to remember when thinking about compiling a calendar.

What makes a good FWI calendar?
  1. Please remember – this is for a calendar rather than a photography contest.
  2. For calendars – especially those being sold – those who buy them mostly want pictures that are cheerful and colourful more than moody and atmospheric.
  3. There is an old saying – “the three most boring things in the world are other people’s dreams, pets, and family” The latter two very much apply to calendars.
  4. As much as we all love to see ourselves and friends in print, all the other calendar buyers may be less interested in such photos. Best keep people to a minimum. Remember – this picture is on someone’s wall for a full month.
Taking better pictures.

Some obvious but worth stating tips from our team:

  1. Ensure your camera’s batteries are fully charged and the lens is clean
  2. On your camera/phone set the picture size to the highest possible. (you may need to refer to your owner’s manual)
  3. Before taking a picture compose yourself, take in a deep breath and release it, and squeeze the shutter button once your lungs have expelled all that air. This will ensure you are as steady as possible
  4. Unless taking sunrises or sunsets, generally avoid photographing into the sun, as the pictures will appear washed out.
  5. Try to avoid unsightly objects in your pictures such as litter bins, cars, or vast expanses of road
  6. Generally try to avoid cutting off items such as chimneys, church spires, tree tops or bases.
  7. Try to keep the image colourful and clear
  8. Keep the image interesting. Remember your photo could be on view in the calendar for up to 31 days
  9. If submitting prints, use photo quality paper, and set your print properties on your printer to ‘Photo Quality’ not 'Text'. This should prevent lines/banding appearing on the print.
  10. Write your full contact details including telephone number and WI together with the picture title on a label and then stick to the back of the print. Avoid writing directly on the print. Avoid using paper clips as these mark the prints.
  11. If retouching a picture also save the original as a separate back-up file
  12. Keep all your photos saved on your computer. If selected we may ask you to send the image to us.

Other fundraising ideas.

Here are some items that we have designed with the fashion conscious members in mind. We are happy to work with you on any new designs or ideas that you might have.

Women's Institutes Fundraising Souvenirs